Monday, October 20, 2014

WHAT A DAY: Rural Hill Amazing Maize Maze

October 19, 2014
Oh, how I love a cool, sunny day in the South ...with the leaves starting to change...
it only means 1 thing:
It's time for the MAIZE MAZE!!

This year was a baseball theme and just as fun as past years.

From all the years growing up in Nebraska, I have never seen such beauty of a flower growing around corn that was most of my "fun" pictures for the day.

A man in a kilt giving orientation?!? 

7 acres!!
Why, YES I fried oreos it was for me.
The Stumptown Tractor Show was also going on which is why I selected this weekend.
Sure was nice to see some of home especially the John Deer and lil red tractors.

And then it was only $1 to take back a little bit of home.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

WHAT A DAY: Run & Ride Half Marathon

Saturday was Packet Pick-up.....
and after I went home and started suffering from a bad stomach ache.
But I woke up at 6 am...and felt better and determined to

Not many people were registered, but it was a good group of people. There were about 5 girls that were in the back of the pack enjoying each other's company as the miles went along.

Gotta Love Small Bits of Encouragement :)
After the first loop, it was back around to finish, my method was simply...walk the hills, and try to run as much as possible especially downhill...and grab one water and one gatorade at pit stops.
Luckily I started taking more pictures the closer to the finish line. (I've never been to a race that only 24 photos were taken total and not all finishers had one.  If the event wasn't in Charlotte, I would not be going back.  Registration and event communication was not well facilitated.)
A selfie in the parking lot before heading back into the Dinosaur area...probably the best part of the route.  The dinos would roar and animate as you ran by.

And somehow with all the picture taking, I was able to make up time...passing several persons (plus one that cheated for the second time.)

...and between Mile 12 & 13, I passed a few more.  I then looked at the time and realized if I kept the same pass, I would beat my personal record.