Sunday, August 17, 2014


And couldn't be HAPPIER :)
Check out their website for weekly Project Life inspiration!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

WHAT A DAY!: Camp Palooza 2014 Concludes

What a long summer of crazy hours, weekend shifts, limited staff, and limited time off.  But thank the lucky stars, it is over and all 36 campers had an enjoyable experience. 
Here are a few moments of our crazy summer of fun!
We started it off with Safari Week.
Celebrating the USA....supporting the World Cup USA team.
I may have overdone it, but an excuse to have fun at work.

Corky the Clown visited and made balloon art for Under The Big Top week.
(we think the one was a Dr. Seuss representation of Green Eggs & Ham man..who knows. lol)
Charlotte Motor Speedway "Feel The Thrill" trip.
Everyday fun...They love their "Arts & Crafts hour" surprising them with different medias and activities. They eat it up. And we finally had a few "babies" back.
During Inventions Galore week, the campers made erasers out of clay. Go figure!

Trip to visit Donna Downey Studios to create ice cream sundaes (the paper kind)
 for National Vanilla Ice Cream Day.
Each week the kids journaled about various topics for that week's theme. This particular day we had to have a discussion about personal space, bullying, and keeping your hands to yourself. Campers were able to share thoughts if they so desired.
At the end of the summer, the campers became Stars on Stage...
even impersonating Michael Jackson in the talent show. (and yes, we did have the Frozen song sung)

The final hoorah.....Kona Ice!

and no matter how hot it was, we made sure to keep the mess outside as yes, we did have a child spill.
Have a great time at school kiddos...see most of you next year!


The summer campers at Hickory Grove Rec Center created masterpieces to be hung at the center.
I think they had more fun in the process...especially the one who decided his legs and arms were the canvas.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


It started with a VW Bug idea during Junelle Jacobsen's Art Retreat.....and grew into an idea for my parents' 40th Anniversary gift. (well second gift)
After the sketch, I copied and glued in the vehicle into my book (yes the easy way out, but I didn't have the desire to redraw something I liked on the sketch)
painted it in with some Daniel Smith's watercolors (can't really see it, but there is a shimmer to the yellow parts of the car)
I made a few copies in case I needed them to cover up a mistake.  (probably wasn't the wisest idea to do this idea on a book page...yet, I will get to keep the original for life or simply rip out the page)
I played around with ideas to fill in some of the white space...and with colors I wanted to use.
I thought about an orange, but I think it made the photo too busy and took away from the vehicle, but I loved the year in the background.
I thought about a simple heart with the date...but it just wasn't right.
Then it came to me while looking at inspiration online to add a bird with a Thank-You card next to a mailbox with the day of the month of the anniversary.
I then painted in various elements with beachy/pastel tones...and other areas with more watercolor.  I highlighted elements with a sharpie pen and uniball white pen.
-also whitned out some words that weren't the most flattering on the book text but left some that were complimentary to the occassion. Originally, there was the word husband coming down from the car handle, and I thought to leave it since the "Bug" was my dad's car....but again, it seemed too busy.
Added some reds and orange to the mix on the mailbox, but after a while, the colors were a bit too bold.
So I added some pastel paint and lightened them up.
adding in details again...

and signed and ready to develop into a card.
Since the page was in a book, scanning it was not really my first I waited for a sunny day and took a picture I liked....then headed over to Shutterfly to create the card.

To see the final card design, you can go here:

Thursday, July 31, 2014

RUBBERMOON: Watercolor Marker Magic

What's a quick and easy and almost mess-free way to use The Ultimate Red Rubber Palette?
Watercolor Markers and RubberMoon stamps, of course.
(the stamps arrived in great condition, but once I started playing, the ink got on the wood)
The RubberMoon stamps  include:

Before I began, I had no clue what I was doing, but just wanted to play.  
I simply used Artist Loft Watercolor Dual Tip Markers directly on the palette.
Used any wet brush and applied water on the palette, not too much but enough to move the colors and blend together.

Then simply took pieces of paper and smashed down on the palette to create these beauties.
I used thick cardstock, but watercolor paper would have probably worked better.
I used those two pieces to create a few Project Life cards.
And then I was obsessed with this process and created more. 
I repeated the first few steps and then placed a stencil on top before making a print.
And the start of a card was created.
Taking the watercolor markers and applying directly onto a stamp created the cover image.  I also added some doodling with a simple mechanical pencil.
Then stamped words in the inside.
Next I tested out a striped pattern.  LOVE!!
(another Project Life card)
Used Lucy and stamped directly onto wet palette with some color left from a previous print.
A little foggy, but it feels serene to me. A good image to add a quote or poem onto. 
I played some more with Lucy.... 
Lesson learned: applying a stamp using markers onto a wet surface will bleed the image.
Waiting for things to dry + me = don't get along.
More stenciling and stamping fun:

For the smaller art set stamped card, I used the markers on the stamp, then on a wet brush to create the splatter.

Take a chance and try something different today. Art is all about the adventure.
 I didn't know how this would turn out...and now I have a new love, a new watercolor tool, and a new obsession.

Hope you enjoyed my adventures with RubberMoon as much as I have.