Tuesday, October 11, 2016

DECEMBER DAILY: 2016 Album Cover

The time has come again to start December Daily prep work.  Which means...another fun album cover.
This year, I ordered an album, Décor 8 mini-kit, and some silk screens.  I plan on incorporating past years' supplies as well.  Use what you have...or at least try :)
(photo courtesy of aliedwards.com)
I started by applying gesso to the entire album with the intent to mute the bright red letters. 

Created my compass heart.
Then started to sketch out my design, trying to work small.
 I wanted to use Danielle Donaldson's "Be Still" class technique with winter foliage and flowers.
  Once sketched, I watercolored the images.
Applied details with pencil and white marker pen.

Adhered my compass heart. And mission complete

Some of the tiny details include snowflakes, stars, tiny flowers, and the number "25"

I completely love this!! 
Not sure how I will complete the rest of the album, but for now, I am HAPPY!

Monday, October 10, 2016


Thanks to some Pinterest inspiration sent to me by my friend Melissa...I now have some fun, cheap, and easy décor from my walk-up to my house.
I went to the website gorgfabgoodies.BlogSpot.com to make sure I knew what supplies to get.  The photo is a bit deceiving as she initially sprayed her pumpkins white (hence the white spray can); but after reading, she finished by coating her pumpkins with Rust-Oleum Hammered.
Then it was off to Wal-mart....pumpkins $1 each, spray paint $6.

 Once Hurricane Matthews passed (poured rain all day on Saturday), the sun was shining and I went outside to spray the pumpkins. 
Thanks to the wind, my pumpkins have some texture added due to falling over a few times.
C'est la vie!
I ended up putting on 2 coats (drying about 30 minutes in-between) and waited about an hour before handling them.
In the meantime, I ran into a "friend". ..uh, yeah.
Cut off the handle...and voila!
 Add a few mums from Lowes' $4 each...

plus a skeleton window sticker and spider stakes...

My house front is complete.

Friday, August 19, 2016

SUMMER'S BOUNTY: Cucumbers & Peaches

I moved my planter box off my deck area into the yard..
.and boy did that make a difference in GROWth for my plants.
My OLW is GROW :)

At this point, I had to box in the vines a bit to prevent them from getting chopped up from the landscapers/lawn mowers.
And then finally, I found the cucumbers. 
Many were overgrown which was my fault for not checking enough.

Tony, on the other hand, has peach and pear trees in his yard.  And boy did the peaches grow this year for him.  It's a nice reminder of something that his mom left behind for him.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

LOVE HIM: Duluth, GA

August 7-9, 2016
Tony had some training for his job so we decided to make it a quick getaway too. And the sweet man had a bouquet of flowers waiting for me. 

Love him so.. for his sweet gestures thanking me for going through all I have been through the past few months.  It was much appreciated. 

We grabbed some food from TGIFriday's (if you call an hour wait "grabbing food")...and that was an entire too long of a wait to get the food plus it was cold & my chicken + shrimp pasta was actually without shrimp...hence the next night was on them.

The following day I ventured out to the local park, Shorty Howell Park, to get in some exercise.
Along the nice paved walk/run way was a lake with a plethora of ducks and geese.
I tried my first Bubble/Boba Tea with macaroons for lunch(not a fan at all, but staff was very nice and helpful with my first selection.) Shopped a little (p.s. Don't go to the Duluth mall...there is nothing there.) Then went back to the hotel...whom hadn't cleaned our room yet, so I headed to the pool for some rays.
And then that night, we tried to figure out my new selfie stick (it was a freebie from Sprint).
The following day I headed home stopping at a few outlet malls and grabbing some deals, but all-in-all it was a relaxing time away.