Saturday, February 7, 2015


My heart was broken. My house was quiet and lonely. I needed something ...and that something was hugs and kisses from a sweet little Shih tzu/chihuahua/dachsund/Jack Russell rescue pup. 
I prepped the kitchen once again to house my incoming fur baby. I was so excited I hardly slept the night before. 
Then it was a trip to South Carolina to begin the journey with XO. (Pronounced "zoh"). I knew that name was IT once he started hugging on me and kissing my cheek. 
And after the paperwork was signed, home we headed making a few stops. 

The pop-up carrier I got at Kmart worked fabulous.  And for $15. I can't complain. XO slept most of the time. No barking and loving the occasional rubs. 

At PetSmart, XO successfully made a potty break.  Yay...I thought this was going to be an easy training especially since he did it again at home. Yet we did have one accident. I'm using the indoor grass mat so hoping it will be a success. 
Everyone at the store loved him. And actually wondered how I got a lil pup when most in the store were older. 
Food and treats were welcomed and he definitely knows where to go now for food. I think he is an eater. Doesn't fall far from the tree :). However one difference from Barkley, so far, is he doesn't bark when I eat or at all when out of the gate. 
The neighborhood girls were so excited they made a special poster saying "Welcom to your forever home XO" with a lil kiss printed on it. They sure loved Barkley too and were happy to see me get another cutie patootie. 
So far Day 1 was a success, XO seems very comfortable and relaxed. However I think he has some separation anxiety. He barked the entire time I was trying to nap so once I went downstairs, he fell asleep in my arms in like 2 seconds. Slowly but surely. 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

LIFE BOOK 2015: January

I splurged and signed up for an art class Life Book 2015. 
 I was so excited to jump in that I printed off the PDF and failed to watched the video.  Hence why the face is a lil darker than my complexion :). I was using acrylic paint bs watercolor crayons.  Needless to say I had some work to do. 
Hence the transformation went from one extreme to another. And finally ended by using Kate Thompson's stencils, Take 10 January Kit stamps, and alcohol inks. 
Oh yeah...And some gold glitter nail polish :)

My Beacon of Light...I love it!!

The next bonus video was a tag so I created this sewn one with an old film slide, Ashley G stamps, and word stickers.  

The Wordsmith class was next up and this was my result. 
Then came the Girl On the High Wire. 

"Life is a balance of holding on and letting go."
And the final week contained two classes: dream catcher and affirmation feather.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WHAT A DAY: January 28, 2015

Good Morning Sunshine!
and Good Morning waffles :)
And then it was time to hit the road for my trip back home to Charlotte.
There was still a lot of snow in some places along the way, but I was so amazed by the icicles forming on the mountainsides.  It was art in nature...breathtaking.
I chose to make pit stops along the way to break up the 7 hours. 
First Stop:  Kentucky Artisan Museum in Berea, KY

(the picture above is made from dryer lent...WHAT?!?)
No, the alligators didn't make it home with me. :(
In Berea, there was also a little Artist Village with small shops that I strolled through.
I noticed the theme of "Hands" around the entire city, but not sure what the meaning was other than creating with your hands.

While chatting with the owner of the Weaver's Bottom, I spotted another hand.
And then it was time to get back on the road.

Tired and relaxed, it was good to be home and get in bed.