Thursday, October 27, 2016

VOTE 2016

Voted Early in Charlotte, NC!
#hillyes #ImWithHer

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

NCRPA CONFERENCE : Uptown Charlotte, NC

The NCRPA Conference was held in uptown Charlotte, NC at the Convention Center.
Therefore, this means employees of MCPRD are in charge of hosting/working the event.
I was on the Wednesday morning shift which meant an early, up-before-the-sun start.
Parking at the Aquatics Center, I enjoyed the walk of about 3 blocks. Anything for free parking :)
Once my shift was over, it was time to walk I left the building, my timing was perfect to get a scenic shot of the lightrail going by.
Love My City!

Monday, October 24, 2016

IT'S HERE!!: Typecast Typewriter

The day has is here.
Oh, the plans I have for you!


Saturday, October 22, 2016

WHAT A DAY!: October 19-21, 2016

Wednesday, 10/19/2016
Since I am having to work back to back weekends, Tony & I decided to make a quick getaway to Asheville and enjoy the fall season. (despite the temps being in the 80's)
I didn't have anything eventful happen, but Tony ran into a guy from California showing off his Zombie Annihilator.  Very Interesting to say the least!

After a bit of shopping, we decided to just relax and get food from the place next door to hotel (we stay at one in Fletcher, NC).
Their award winning White Chili was delicious, yet spicy!

Thursday, 10/20/2016
Up early to enjoy the free breakfast.
(I always make sure to take advantage of this hotel perk, while Tony prefers to sleep; however, I'm kind enough to bring his food to the room since I don't like to see a hangry guy.)
After a late start, we headed to the Western North Carolina Nature Center.


And then to see a movie "The Accountant"
And then finally to the Looking Glass waterfall in Pisgah National Forest.
This was a quick stop as it was getting dark.

(and note to all the Instax photographers, despite the light, the pictures will not turn out...I got 4 completely dark prints from this view :(

And then back to the restaurant for some dinner.
Friday, 10/21/2016
Up early to eat some breakfast before heading home...and then heading to work by 11:30 am.
Such a relaxing time and enjoyable one!
We will be back.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

DECEMBER DAILY: 2016 Album Cover

The time has come again to start December Daily prep work.  Which means...another fun album cover.
This year, I ordered an album, D├ęcor 8 mini-kit, and some silk screens.  I plan on incorporating past years' supplies as well.  Use what you have...or at least try :)
(photo courtesy of
I started by applying gesso to the entire album with the intent to mute the bright red letters. 

Created my compass heart.
Then started to sketch out my design, trying to work small.
 I wanted to use Danielle Donaldson's "Be Still" class technique with winter foliage and flowers.
  Once sketched, I watercolored the images.
Applied details with pencil and white marker pen.

Adhered my compass heart. And mission complete

Some of the tiny details include snowflakes, stars, tiny flowers, and the number "25"

I completely love this!! 
Not sure how I will complete the rest of the album, but for now, I am HAPPY!