Thursday, December 31, 2015


Let's just say, transitioning from one room to another is a huge MESS and a huge undertaking, but the end result was worth it plus I was able to get rid of a few unused items
This was the start of moving the guest bedroom into the current art room; and the art room into the smaller office/guest bedroom.
The hallway and guest bathroom was heavily utilized for storage during the time with enough space to walk to my bedroom after a night's work.
And I will let the pictures show the progress as I went.

and yes, the new art room got messy again when I cleared out the storage units and went through everything to sort and organize.
I put together an IKEA dresser for the guest room, and wanted to add some personality.  I stained the wood a different color and replaced the knobs with some fun ones.  The room has a Woodland/Tribal/Adventure theme going on.

I still need to sort the closets and get some pictures in the frames, but I love the fresh brighter look of the room already. 
I put a big metal G on the door to finalize it...which could stand for Guest, Glymph, or Gitt.  Gotta love having a man who has the same initials as me :)
Stay tuned for more updates.  I will probably do a closer look at the room once I completely finish and get the closets done.

Monday, December 21, 2015

WHAT A DAY: December 21, 2015

After a positive doctor's appointment, I was free to spend the rest of the day having fun with my friend Melissa and making sugar cookies at Maddy Fatty's.
Dinner at EEZ.

Enjoying the lights at mall.
And then on to make and decorate some cookies for the holidays.

Not bad for a first time and with only 3 colors to choose from.
probably my best work of the night...

Friday, November 27, 2015


The running tutu obsession continues.....
this time a...
I went a different route to make it fluffier and bigger and more fun...
 by using a baby's headband to weave the materials into.  I used 2 and sewed the ends together, but you can also purchase the material in the ribbon section of JoAnn's
The front was entirely brown colored. The back "feathers" were red, orange and yellow.

For the race on Thanksgiving, I made a turkey face with adhesive felt.
Tony thought I looked like a duck, but I had fun with it :)


Thursday, November 26, 2015


Nothing like a delicious JOYful meal to serve ...and especially one catered :)

After packing up the goodies on Wednesday, I headed to Anderson, SC to spend the holiday with Tony.
When I arrived, Tony surprised me with the news we were going to get massages...Gosh, I love this boy!!....Before we left,  I attempted to make a napkin turkey...let's just say my nails looked better :)
Since my family back home was celebrating a day early, I was able to FaceTime with almost all the nieces and the nephews who were wound up from the delicious sweets and food they gobbled up.
I set the table when I got back with several items from Dollar General (DG).  Yup, and they were 70% off. Can't beat that....  I think this entire table design cost $20 and that is solely b/c of the table cloth which was purchased at HomeGoods.  Teal Chargers, letter G, thankful cards, and glass jar were from Michaels. and everything else was DG.
On Thankgiving morning, I headed to a 5k at the local Anderson mall.  It was a fun race, but my legs were not feeling it on mile 3.  So it was a slower race for me, but it made room for the yummy food and pie I grabbed at Cracker Barrell.
I also added a few candles I got at Cracker Barrell to make it smell good :)
Labeled the tree...and called it good for the I moved on to prepping the meal. and then making time to get ready for the possible company.

And then it was time to relax and watch the beginning of the football game before the food was ready to EAT!!

All the food on the table was catered...most from Mimi's, but ham was Honeybaked Ham, cream of corn from the Gitt farm in Nebraska via mom, and the pecan pie was CB.  I made the macaroni and cheese dish plus made everything look like I made it ;)

Tony was ready to go....and I have never seen him eat so fast in my life (or talk to a pie about what he plans to do to it the next few days)..ironically, neither of us had pie b/c we were to full, but we did have some wine we purchased from Burntshirt Vineyards.
After a visit from his brother, sister and a friend, the Panthers capped the day off by going 11-0 for the season defeating the Dallas Cowboys.  WOOHOO!! (oh, I did sneak out later and go Black Friday shopping at JCP & Target for some bedding and AppleTV...but definitely after the crowds were gone, and no lines to wait in)