Thursday, July 31, 2014

RUBBERMOON: Watercolor Marker Magic

What's a quick and easy and almost mess-free way to use The Ultimate Red Rubber Palette?
Watercolor Markers and RubberMoon stamps, of course.
(the stamps arrived in great condition, but once I started playing, the ink got on the wood)
The RubberMoon stamps  include:

Before I began, I had no clue what I was doing, but just wanted to play.  
I simply used Artist Loft Watercolor Dual Tip Markers directly on the palette.
Used any wet brush and applied water on the palette, not too much but enough to move the colors and blend together.

Then simply took pieces of paper and smashed down on the palette to create these beauties.
I used thick cardstock, but watercolor paper would have probably worked better.
I used those two pieces to create a few Project Life cards.
And then I was obsessed with this process and created more. 
I repeated the first few steps and then placed a stencil on top before making a print.
And the start of a card was created.
Taking the watercolor markers and applying directly onto a stamp created the cover image.  I also added some doodling with a simple mechanical pencil.
Then stamped words in the inside.
Next I tested out a striped pattern.  LOVE!!
(another Project Life card)
Used Lucy and stamped directly onto wet palette with some color left from a previous print.
A little foggy, but it feels serene to me. A good image to add a quote or poem onto. 
I played some more with Lucy.... 
Lesson learned: applying a stamp using markers onto a wet surface will bleed the image.
Waiting for things to dry + me = don't get along.
More stenciling and stamping fun:

For the smaller art set stamped card, I used the markers on the stamp, then on a wet brush to create the splatter.

Take a chance and try something different today. Art is all about the adventure.
 I didn't know how this would turn out...and now I have a new love, a new watercolor tool, and a new obsession.

Hope you enjoyed my adventures with RubberMoon as much as I have.


  1. You're right! Looks very cool! What are Project Life cards?

    1. It's a whole other addiction. A way to document life, art, etc in a smaller scrapbooking method. Google it, there is plenty out there about it. :)

  2. One of my favorite ways to play. Love your ideas!!

  3. Playing is the way. Love the nice colors. Lucy is pretty in pink.